Кубок Мира по Фехтованию
Ресурс разработан и поддерживается компанией Петерлинк.Веб

Dear friends!

I’m very glad to welcome all organizers, participants and guests of the Fencing World Cup in St. Petersburg. Hosting of this prestigious international tournament has already become a tradition of the city’s annual sports calendar.

Fencing can be considered one of the most natural and interesting kinds of sport. Our city is can be by right considered the fencing capital of Russia. It is St. Petersburg where the best traditions of Russian fencing school were established. A lot of well-known USSR and Russian fencers started their sports career here, among them Victor Zhdanovich, the first USSR Olympic Champion in fencing,

During the last years St. Petersburg gained a huge experience in organization of high-class international tournaments such as Fencing World Championship-2007.

This year our city will host two stages of the Fencing World Cup – Grand Prix FIE “Fleuret de St. Petersbourg” and “Epee de St. Petersbourg”. The tournament will take place at the Zimny Stadium, one of the best sports arenas of the city.

I wish the participants of the Fencing World Cup a lot of persistence in achievement of their ends, and also successful bouts and striking victories. Let the spectators enjoy the unforgettable fencing show!

Valentina Matvienko,
Governor of St. Petersburg

Dear friends!

On behalf of St. Petersburg Fencing Federation and «St. Petersburg Open Company», the organizer of the tournament, I’m very glad to welcome you at the Fencing World Cup-2008. This year our city will host 3 stages of the Cup - «Grand Prix FIE Fleuret de St. Petersbourg» (men’s and women’s) and “Epee de St. Petersbourg” (women’s). The importance of coming event is extremely high – according to the sports calendar-2008 it will become one of the last selection stages before getting the Olympic license.

Every year fencing becomes more popular worldwide; this tendency strongly affects St. Petersburg , too. Last autumn the Northern capital of Russia hosted the Fencing World championship-2007, the most important international event in fencing which aroused a keen interest among city’s residents and guests.

One of this year’s main tasks is to keep this interest high and give the spectators another excellent opportunity to see the best world fencers with their own eyes. We’ll also try to apply our unique experience gained during the Fencing World Championship in the organizational process of the Cup.

I wish all the duels were honest and beautiful so that the guests of the Cup could get wonderful impressions of fencing and of magnificent St. Petersburg as well.

Mikhail Rydnik,
Vice-president of Russian Fencing Federation
President of St. Petersburg Fencing Federation
President of «St. Petersburg Open Company»